Yacht Rope Bag In Marine Mood


サイズ:(S)W16cm H23.5cm D13.5cm (M)W22cm H37cm D18cm
展開:全国のZUCCa、CABANE de ZUCCa、HUMOR SHOPおよびECサイトで発売中

Our PVC bag with a refreshing marine mood is a must have for this summer. The handle is made of rope used for yachts, and the body is welder finished to create the sophisticated and simple design. Waterproof and light weight, you can use it daily, and of course carry along to your leisure activities too. They will be available in three colors: summery blue and two chic grays.
Size: (S) 6cm H23.5cm D13.5cm (M) W22cm H37cm D18cm
Colors: blue/ light gray/ dark gray
*the handle for light gray will be black

Available stores: all of the domestic ZUCCa and CABANE de ZUCCa stores, HUMOR SHOP stores, and official online stores
*To prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, some of our stores may close temporarily or change opening and closing hours. Regarding our stores in the department stores, please see each department store`s homepage for details.